Effingham Fish Why are you always angry at me, she said. You'll never admit when you're wrong, I said. I do so, she said, I just admitted I'd made mistakes... NO, damn it, NO, I yelled. You admit you've BEEN WRONG, in the PAST. But it never even occurs to you that you could BE wrong, NOW. You always ARE right, but sometimes you WERE wrong. But, damn it, you ARE WRONG. So, she said in that tone of voice (you know the one), when was the last time you were wrong in the present tense, smartass? I had to laugh. This whole argument started over it, Miss I'm-So-Smart, I said. I'm barely scraping by but I spend $400 on a damn video game system? You think I didn't know it was wrong when I did it? Of course I did. You know it's wrong when you go out partying on a Sunday night, you know you're going to wake up the next morning with one motherfucker of a hangover and have to go in to work, but you rationalize it somehow and do it anyway. Dad knew smoking on one lung was wrong, yet he died with a Camel in his mouth and a pack in one pocket. Everyone does stupid shit like this every fucking day, but they rationalize it away so they can do it without feeling stupid. Then why do it, she interrupted, if you know it's wrong? If knowing the disease gave you the cure, I said, doctors would never get sick.

Then she called me the world's smartest idiot and I laughed. All was forgiven, and she spends more time playing it than I do. Hands up everyone who could see that one coming.
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