kathryn The act of throwing someone or something out of a window. 981013
Emma This word is one of the reasons I love English. 981014
Pacia as lovely a word as crepuscular or nenuphar. Thank you for the reminder. 981107
k defenstration would be useless for me as i live in a one story house. however when i was younger and my parents and i went to the sea and took cruises, i used to spit over the side of the ship from 50 or so feet up. something like that. does that count? heh. 981120
adam ambulances, seven firemen, and me running to catch the babies as they fall. 990303
donaldson reminds me of the word "dentifrice", which has nothing to do with throwing things out of windows 990607
alicia lovelovelove this word. hehe. 991229
marjorie i know this guy named phil
he had shirts printed up that say
"don't defenestrate phil"
i got one that says
"don't ostracize pete"
my shirt is too big though
i do not wear it
but i have it.
doesn't that count for something?
Quill Yes. To begin with, the correctly spelled variant, "defenestration". 000304
valis would love to hear, say, bret hart use this one on monday nite wwf bitchslap or something.

"YEAH, baby! the rock ain't got no place in my ring!! i'll take him into MY world! a world of PAIN! i'll full-on DEFENESTRATE that weak-ass beeyatch!!"
Quilk The brilliant marjorie and her aquaintance phil got it right. That's worth a lot, as is marjorie's shirt, even though somewhat puzzlingly she doesn't wear it. How about as a night shirt? Unfortunately, marjorie put her blathe in the wrong place, a place of hellish misspelling of the magnificent word "defenestration". 000304
fae It sounds like something that you would use on a person to see how they become deaf...or something like that... :/ 010502
outov Defens (Name of trat)
Trat (Trat indicator)
Ion (as in atom).

There is a Trat called Defens who
casts Ions into other dimensions as an example of a bored being in bent world.

I need this more as I live on the 5th floor. There is only conment below.
% crows
blah-ze see also: defenestration 031029
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