zavyman A debt to man,
A debt to society
Cannot end
Unless paid in full

That day shall not come
The pain shall not end
Until it shall come
The end of man
eulah lou portnoy and after that, the beginning. 001007
W.C. Three thousand paid in four months, and the first creditor is down.

Six grand to go, and then I will be able to save everything for school instead of owing it before it is earned.

I think by August I will be a free man.
he he ! eat your credit card.. it's yummy ! 070323
unhinged right now, what the fuck does this word mean? is there even enough physical money in the world to represent the figures that are being tossed around in the world economy? what's the difference if we owe other countries trillions of dollars? really, all it amounts to is a promise. a promise that someday in the distant or not to distant future you might just get your money back. your debt is erased when you die. 081026
hsg karmic_debt 081026
Soma So overwhelming.
I was in over my head at 17. "It's just a few loans" she said. "you'll pay it off quickly" she said. $20,000 doesn't pay itself off quickly when you still have a minimum wage job. I'll be in debt for the rest of my life. Just another backpack of anxiety to add on to the load.
I wish I could be one of those people who runs away to a foreign country, and start over from scratch. I'm too anxious for that.
unhinged .

mine too

i keep trying to take my credit cards out of my wallet but the thought of living on minimum wage is bleak indeed
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