jane see: meth

after doing it and feeling like shite for about four days i remembered that the third_eye_blind song semi-charmed life is about it. so listening to it one day i started listening to the lyrics and pulled out pieces that i now understood. imagine, i've heard this song for six or seven years and now i get it.

"feel myself, head made of the ground
i'm scared, i'm not coming down"

after a while it was past the point of annoying, that caffienated-coked-up feeling i wanted to stop shaking for god's sake but no it was still in my system
go away!

even the way the lyrics are sung, the fast-paced jabber takes me back there when i didn't stop talking for four hours i couldn't eat or anything just talking and i don't even remember now what i was talking about
ferret have a merry crystal methmas! 030717
x how do i get back to the place where i fell asleep inside you? 030718
jane confused?
or adding a lyric?
phil no floor 030724
unhinged you used to be so strong. relatively sane. now you can't hold a job, get up off the couch. and your face, it's sunken. 030725
jane [ savannah : ]

you know you're doing too much when you've lost impossible weight, you have a huge burn on your bony hip, and you keep saying, "i have no idea what's going on..."
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