Bill Oooh, what a rich, alluring word. Claire-obscure, the technique of using light and shade in pictorial representation. 991203
Brad Lovely italian word... I learned it from my high school art teacher. So much fun to say. 000309
lotusflower masters
oldephebe a mixing of shadows
amidst the dance of light
a delicate balance
the tension of the two
beguilingly pradoxical
the two
did someone stumble
upon it
nature's pallete
elegant mingling
of antipodes
once one captures it
he/she leaps into
great word
ferret chichi mushu basso 030716
megan ballerinas amidst thorn 030716
oldephebe see - that's the kind of lyrical and yet abstract imagery still steeped in the literal that sometimes eludes me
that is a poignant and elegant encapsulation megan
nomme was on the verge of sleep the other night when this word popped into my head and started bouncing around. 030717
pipedream beautiful word, reminds me of my sister- she's the one who introduced me to it... chiaroscuro...sounds like magic, the way light reflected off water looks when it plays on a surface. 030718
DannyH Will Self once said that life is made up of a chiaroscuro of things that are jokes and things that are not jokes. 030718
brain food everything is a bloody joke in one way or another...

we can only laugh at past mistakes...
if we dwell and be sad forever.. pain only makes more pain... which makes more pain and passes to the next person only as pain... revenge and all the dark stuff

from the dark side.. where we don't belong anymore.

and it's better be in the present anyway because there is all kinds of colours, sounds and tastes.

laughing is the best medicine.. it's brain food.
! charlie ! - don't snort your happiness ! 070426
z (the arbiter of the aesthetic truth) oe used to use this word quite a bit. 070426
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