ethereal sometimes i think i blather to myself? 040331
ethereal yes, yes you do. 040331
ethereal I agree. 040331
ethereal not fair ethereal 2!!! 040331
ethereal2 But I'm just stating the obvious.

Don't hate the messenger!!!
sab thats funny, because my blathers are for myself.

sure, i'll occasionally strike up a converstation with someone here, or reply to a post [such as this], but mainly my blathers are the words that come
are the things i need to say
are the images created in response to

the world around me
the world inside me
the words i see

and feel
pete perhaps not to myself but for my self.. to expell the built of emotions, to bring the clearing of my mind, to take the place of the scattered poems spread about my room.. to give birth to new life. but completely selfishly usually. (at the same time not complete as it is to be shared) 040401
spiffy i hate you spiffy. 040625
Spare Change Don't ask me what you know is true. Shouldn't have to tell you... and I don't do I?

Tell the truth.
Do what you must.

Baby I love you with all that I am, because you are all I am.
puredream missing.

pieces of our identities. lost in another. welcomely lost. where did it go?

where has it been?

what has it seen?

*cries* (what a minute, stars_can't_cry)
daxle i wasn't sure
but i made the space
and you did
and it was
so good
i don't have all the hesitations
like from the last one
just good good good
you always leave me giddy
please please please don't break my little heart
meta meta 051220
what's it to you?
who go