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"Head my words and hear my moral,
If ya don't want babies,
stick to oral." -Bill Clinton
kx21 I like this person...
But, I got problem to undetstand his engagement and affair with women...
god he just gets horny like everyone else 011113
ShnizelCheese The Man is only Human.. 030324
TurdFerguson Did good for the country. Relations with other countries, economy, well-being of the common man all were much better with Clinton. He just got a little horney like every man.

Now we got Bush who doesn't know leadership from the pretzel he choked on.
the spork Even though i'm not a fan of Bill's i find it fucking hilarious that all of the devotees of the Shrub try to pin some of our terrorism problems on him, even though everytime he did try to act, the same bunch of assclowns who are wrapping themselves in the flag now and beating on the war-drums got their tits in a twist and insisted it was just a dodge to distract from his sex scandal.

So now, many of us have people we know out there in the Middle-East because because the people who obstructed such an action when it would have been a smarter and easier thing to do decided to wait until they could get their man in the Oral, oops, i mean Oval Office
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What Clinton said The_Graces_from_Heaven

An "amazing" newslink Bush's_Iraq_war_vs_Clinton's_Lewinsky_affair 040903
Jordan 11132005 44 minutes ago: Bill Clintons visit bomb site in
at the invitation of King_Abdullah_II...
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