coldmeshach Wollen Sky is a place with flashy men who's parallel selves are the strugglers in this world. These guys here are the soldiers! When they serve dinner, they make sure you get the seat you want. If you don't like your seat, they put you in a beautiful fairly small oval-shaped room with a glass window for you to veiw the kitchen. The people in the kitchen never even look at you. They aren't like those 2D figures that look at you no matter where you are. They always know your there and that you care.

Feeling a bit Peckish?
They got all sorts of appetizers, soups, salads, Steaks, and wonderful desserts including the spiked cake and the sorbet six shooter. Yum.

When its time for you to go, it'll be the type of weather you want it to be outside. The Person you met when you came in will be the character you want him to be. He'll play his role, and then tell you to have a nice night. Suddenly the song that will make you happy will play in your head. The world will be more 3D then ever before and you'll notice that theres a giant quilt over top of the world that was knitted by that old lady who gives so much love and money to her children and grandchildren only to have her "greatest" material item taken from her.

So she knitted a quilt to cover the world. As it keeps you warm, you can see just enough through it to notice that theres a light on somewhere on the other side. You can even see through it when its so dirty that it rains.

But Wollen Sky is all about choosing what you want to fullfill your needs.
You are free to decide.
what's it to you?
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