ClairE ClairE: you said moo

Mim: indeed.

C: annie said hey jude, and then yum candy cane
C: and jon said soft
C: and no one used any verbs
C: haha

M: verbs taste good.
Toxic_Kisses ache affirm afflict arouse be beat beg bend bite blast bless blossom blow boast born burn buy care caress chant clasp claw cleanse clench come comfort confide connect convulse corrupt create crush dance decide defile deliver devour die dress drink drip drool eat embrace endure engorge explore feed feel fiddle fill find flirt flush fondle forbid force forgive gather give glisten go grab grieve grind gyrate hang heal heave honor hope hung hunger incubate insert jiggle judge kiss laugh lick love meditate
moan murmur nourish obey open pant play please possess pound pray preach probe profit promise prove pull pump purr quench raise reap relax renew resolve resurrect reveal rise scorn scream seduce seek shake shame share shoot shot shriek
shudder sin sing sit sizzle sleep slide slip smear smell sow spout spray spread spurt squeal squeeze stare stick stop strip strive stroke stumble suck take teach think throb tickle transcend tremble trespass watch whip wiggle worship
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