charley Are free at hotels.. Aren't they? 980909
kirstin i like the big, big fluffy ones. i use two of them, one for my hair and one for my body. 990330
heidi75 a cute guy at the pool borrowed mine once and I never washed it. It's starting to host parasites, but that's okay. They're cute parasites. 990615
lost how desperate you are. 010503
florescent light My roommate uses a different towel each time he showers.

This means that at the end of a two week period,
if add in my two towels and the ones belonging to my other roommates,
there are 19 towels in our little bathroom.
Inanna Towels clean up the spilled juice
Towels clean up the spilled milk
Ticks clean up the time
Pull them off
They'll do fine
niki i love warm ones right out of the dryer
my mom throws them on me when i lay on the couch and she is doing landry
ellen cherry charles can't help thinking of Douglas Adams every time i hear the word towel.
A towel is what every intergalactic hitchiker needs.
it is versatile in its many uses.
douglas adams, rest in peace.
skye i steal towels from hotels.

i'm sorry.
xyz Do you see towels? If you see towels, you're probably in the linen closet again. 031107
woom come out of the closet.
it'll be better.
viator i'm somewhere where i dont know where i am 060221
grendel i remember her opening the towel s__l__o__w__l__y coming back from her shower, revealing nothing at first but the length of her leg and then the bareness of her hip and waist, teasing me for a hesitant moment before flinging it back toward the bathroom door where it lay in a heap until nearly sunrise

one of those nights that still spins around in this archive of mind
what's it to you?
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