mikey i just hit my knee so hard on my desk it made me see red. its throbbing so bad and its one of those OOPS that hurts like hell but it pisses you off more then anything.

Aimee one time I sneezed so hard I hit my head on the counter top and knocked myself out... I've not done it again... 010310
johnny west One summer, at a trailer in Ipperwash, I was taking medication for nosebleeds. I dropped my pills in the bathroom, bent down to pick them up, and smacked my head on the hand dryer on my way up. The unexpected pain made me drop my pills again. I bent down to pick them up, and smacked my head again on the way up. But I didn't drop my pills the second time! 010310
nocturnal the worst thing I've ever done is open a door on my own face. you know, sometimes you just pull too hard too fast, and you don't realize that you're a lot closer to the door than you thought. I've actually done that a lot. I'm a complete clutz. 010310
florescent light hehe ...this is a fun one.

I can record daily reports.

When I was younger, every time I stubbed my toe, I would have to take off my sock, and count to make sure they were all still attached.

I habitually walk into glass doors/walls.

Also, in bed when I'm sleeping, sometimes I turn over without realizing how close I am, and my head'll go Bam against the wall.
johnny west Because of my height, I often smack my head on things I didn't know were there to begin with. Chandeliers, ceiling fragments...ouch. 010310
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