the end of life in america the end of life in america 010219
tchiseen *sizzle*

blacklight the end of life in america

i know in my lifetime it'll happen... when everywhere you look looks the same, and when self expression is a threat. and no protesting can change anything now,your self rightiousness cant help you now because the world you created will tople in on you.
Khalida makes me remember an odd little quote.

"A hollow tree hides rot within"

not saying I necessarily agree, mind you.
unhinged my 31 year old brother almost died in the state of california a week and a half ago from an infection because he can't afford to have insurance, or by extension go to the doctor, because he can barely afford to put a roof over his head in the bay because he's not a tech venture capitalist.


i am so mad i could spit. and all the old people in this country cry about how evil socialism is while they take their socialized retirement and healthcare from the government but tell people like me i can't have the same because...because...mccarthy brainwashed them as kids and they still have no independent intellectual drive at all.

MY BROTHER ALMOST DIED FROM LACK OF HEALTHCARE. this shit isn't just a statistic to me anymore. fuck anyone who says we need to have insurance. fuck obama for giving us a heritage foundation healthcare plan. fuck making america great again. i need out of here. the greed in this country has produced delusions so strong i am the crazy one for pointing it all out. get me out of here. now.
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