andru235 in the dark cave, one can see nothing else. after a while one forgets that they were once somewhere else, and assume that there can be nothing else.

after a while longer, someone comes into the cave with a torch and says, "hey, you should come outside for a while: if you don't like it, you can come right back in!"

usually the cave-person swipes the torch and extinguish it, saying, "you fool, there is no where else. there is only this dark cave."

and if the torchbearer does not remember their way out of the dark cave, they stumble around, and maybe find their way out, or maybe become lost in the dark cave.

but if the torchbearer does know their way out, they simply shrug, and leave.

some know the dark caves by heart, and never become lost in them. but travelling through the caves takes time and some time is still spent in darkness. but eventually one exits to the outdoors, where even in the night there are infinite stars shining.

try to tell the cave-persons of the infinite stars and they will slap you, they will try and tackle you and tie you down, to prove there is only the dark cave. but because it is dark they can never find their rope, they can only disorient you, and if you persist in trying to exit you eventually will.

it is worth it to try and draw out the cave-persons because sometimes upon exit one realizes a great potential for friendship. just don't mention friendship to the cave-person, they are quite irritable and convinced that nothing exists other than the dark cave.

now and then the shining one runs through the caves, forcing the knowledge of something greater on the cave dweller. when the darkness returns, the cave-person does their best to forget, and writes the existence of the outside and the shining one as being merely a passing delusion.

the shining one returns periodically, because eventually the cave-people become angry and begin hostile pursuit, and the shining one giggles, and leads them out of the dark cave, where they realize that it is actually rather pleasant outside, where one can - weather permitting - enjoy the warm sun, or the infinite shining stars.
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