moonshine My new passion, Mango sorbet.. 000806
whos the lemon now?!? orange and rasberry sorbet is yummy 041130
falling_alone oh mango! i love mango sorbet. i fell into that obsession as well. it seems like i've been craving anything mango these days.

dried mango slices
mango snapple
mango yogurt
mango sorbet
mango juice.

come to think of it i have this obsession over orange foods.


maybe not carrots.
oldephebe i always thought that sorbet was some kind of hoity toity delicasy...some epicurean gastronomic gem that upon its first ambrosia kiss made mouth music to the person diving deep into its delicasy

never had mangos though...
Sakhalin is Magnifique I suppose they serve sorbet on Sakhalin now and then. 060309
the delinquent formerly known as R.A.I.N. The last time I had a sorbet, I took a couple of aspirin 061107
nom sorbetto, sherbet 061107
tat well this is my first ateempt
aint got the mic the keyboard is my host
but this shit is fresh off of my head
i aint filter shit out i got my shit said
spread all over the page
spittin the words like fire and blaze
i got the intstrumental track to acid raindrops
i toke the cigarette when the bass drops

sittin back leeting this funky fresh flow go
outta my hands
lookin back i'm reviewing my plans
and making demands
i'm taking a stand
against people saying emo kids can't land
the fresh rhymes
every time
you know what i say the poet rhymes
a line for line
rhyme lemons with limes
the street hits the beat i can feel through my feet
when i meet all these cats and spit through the meat
of the argument
the sense of the conciousness
the course of the audience
the verbs and the consonants
ash on the keys
brings me back to reality
i'm sitting
and beck's and mortality
i got this
tobacco killing me
i aint concealing me

this is me open
what i got
knowing hoping
i dont miss the spot
im saying
download this shit
u can see i;m on point
i start when the beat starts
i'm keeping up to hthis joint

out on the porch...........
what's it to you?
who go