Dredge But she wakes in a cold world...

Damn...she's doing her best...

and that's just the problem.
pete her skin slips along his, embraced in deepest dreams as the phone rings, calling her away 051022
IGG in her bed

she can be the elegant, ethereal creature she is inside;
flighty and breathtaking,
letting her smooth skin slide over the sensual silk
exulting in the touch
winding the sheets between creamy white thighs.
the silk,
a lover's caress.
here she is queen, the goddess of others' idolatry.

yet sunlight pierces the subtle, gauzy shades,
revealing the harsher macrocosm
she parts the bed drapes
and automatically dons
the 'people mask'.

time to be submissive again
to all those fools who claim to be her superiors.
she is far above them
but in their plain, cold world she is nothing.
the silken goddess is not tamed
merely sheathed in a daytime facade.

come nightfall she rules again, in a secret life of defiance, of living, of luxuriating in sheer ecstacy.

hardly surprising then,

that her sheets are always silk.
Dredge I love how well you guys can expand on the random things that I type.

really...I like what you wrote IGG
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl thank you dredge,
i was feeling rather inspired.
it was a shame to have such a beautiful image in my head and not share it.

sensuality is underrated.
Lemon_Soda I would say underexplored...or perhaps underexperimented 051024
spoken Bravo IGG
that was breathtakingly beautiful
an image i'll savor
along with my steaming cup of coffee
inhaling and replaying
relaxed sensual splendor
to calm me when i'm restless
what's it to you?
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