kx21 Shape: The Signarure of Progess... 020908
kx21 Shape: The Signature of Progess... 020908
daxle Past: signal of time? 020908
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Story: The Signal_of_Time...
brut masking poo with aftershave 030728
burt nonsense, my dear chap, I won't hear a word of it. You see we need vice, not progress, ``````i'm sure a little fiend called alf told me that one midsummers morning when I was fornicating with my pet lambikins. 030728
P U N X shouldn't come at the cost of others 040220
tyler waters are we progressing or regressing?

we think we progressing.

tell someone we aren't and they'll look at you funny and mention science and technology.

but is it progress?

are we marching towards some common goal? no. but we are marching forward, that much we know. but if you think about it, when marching, you always march forward. we can be marching forward and going in the wrong direction.

my question is,
what is the right direction?
signified by progress.

so back to the original question, are we progressing or regressing?
oren The house where Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence was replaced with a hamburger stand. 060522
i move myself step again, foot of mine, step again
i am not sure, i do not want to proceed
yet proceed i must, and at once
for else i might fall back
oh, to fall back onto a feather pile,
that is what my brain thinks sounds nice
but fantasy aside, were i to fall back
onto spikes i would land
so i must proceed, and at once
but i hesitate once, twice i hesitate
so hesitant am i
that i must verbally request my dear foot
to step again and move me
srealisma (new day) away from the addiction. to what? to whatever you're addicted to.

i am addicted to the independence/dependence back-and-forth routine. it permeates me like no other feeling. & i will not completely overcome it in this lifetime.

see: addictions

(it's not that i don't want the world to go 'round, it's just not in that way.)
what's it to you?
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