stork daddy
Yesterday my grandpa had a stroke
of genius. He said,

"I know your grandma is dead
on when she does her impression of me, but just think about how long she had to live with me to get it right. You have to earn good impressions. Think about that next time you're laughing at her doing me."

Two days later, he passed on
going out with us to a comedy club, and we all knew why. We were just starting to understand life. They had figured it out and forgotten it.
They were getting it on
their own. My Grandma was laid
to rest that night. And we never gotta see my grandpa impression again...not even by grandpa himself.
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stork daddy i know...we loved that impression 020513
unhinged i could never walk the high beam
my arms flapped like unstretched wings
i always saw visions
of my own skull
blood on the hardwood floors of the gym
wider than my foot
yet i couldn't walk it
i always found the cement bumpers
somewhat appealing
only inches from the ground
i couldn't balance
and the fall felt so terminal
i stood out in the rain
i have left scars
but never stains
i always imagine it
congealed on the cold white floor
my feet slightly off center
but somehow not standing
unhinged i could tip either way these days

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