werewolf i'm not yet ready to give it all up and become one with everything. i'm almost there though...i feel perhaps maybe in my next life. the reason i know is that i feel that tension so often, that tiredness with these things i already see around, these endings which have already ended a thousand times. i'm tired of thinking a home is ever home...i want to really go home 031104
x you love yourself way too much. 5 lives maybe. 031104
stork daddy for once, you're probably right. you on the other hand will be lucky if you're born a cat. 031105
string when_we_are_both_cats 031105
marked [taste it, want to be it? maybe not yet.]
midnights sun i'm still a spoiled prince 071122
doar I want to know if you you fold your hands over your convenient buddha belly.


Do you?

unhinged on_contentment

and then i smile a siamese smile and rub the mandala tattooed on my stomach
hsg trip i'n ot knowing the point of the_whole_tHIng

e{mo not any} of runn in gircles, you f all...the way asleep.

clownot c_nowing he's a c_low'n

clOWNs full
circle, mmm..MKayNOW?
wH Enter(st[il{l]ooper}ception) he s E-ing higher end thu soul clown becomes cHIGHn.

WheN comes back down from outown peaks a look a round still c-ing hes a see-low-ing but in a see_lightly different way.

Itsoul just a vacation for being is in the doing. Trickster tricks tour tricks door tricks her.

My buddy Buddha Juggling_Suns all of a clown, clown of us all

Buddha bloomingkraft the fare fate at this rate is lafter your death has been played onwords you go where you will.

do nothing; you dont have time to waste! boo. Duh.

Do the kno{wi(thIN}g) th@here is not Im too way out to chaotiquences.

A deeper way to go within: On a coSmICK loveall, Buddha is playing withim selfor y?our entertainment! Of course you know, the one that made u dizz.
what's it to you?
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