unhinged sun

good sleeping weather
just cool enough
to still need the down comforter
with the window open

i don't remember
ever being so happy
to feel the summer on me
( stupid_winter
stupid snow_emergency )
unhinged in the 70s with only the cottonball clouds in the sky. it really has been a beautiful summer. only a handful of hot hot days, alleviated somewhat from living a couple of blocks from the lake.

i took a super long walk yesterday. it helps my hips. my sacrioliac (sp) joints get painful from doing yoga on my own. i probably should start going to a class. but anyways, on my walk i saw a little girl playing in her yard, and she handed me a purple flower she picked 'this is for you' and then chased me down the block to give me another one. i wore them in my hair yesterday. i put them on my altar this morning.

if it wouldn't have been nice enough to go on that walk yesterday, i would have never had something to smile about.
hsg my bodsomehow comfortable when it's warm enough to continuously sweat the tiniest bit. there'something in the continuity of I that feels like it's functioning correctly, as if it's its own type of breathing. 080825
desert - dwelling birdmad will not be here for about another two months...although the short rainstorm that blew through about forty five minutes ago did drop the temperature into the low 80's, so it's close for the moment 080825
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