sphinxradio do not mix with alcohol.
really, there's no need to...
unhinged darvaset

the list goes on and on and on

i have been known to mix perscription painkillers and alcohol. it may be excessive but it sure is fun.
MollyCule god bless you, dr. mangie. 020729
birdmad my dad used to hallucinate cat hair in everything as a result of the strength of his percocet prescription.

he went off on a rant about how much the cats pissed him off leaving their hair everywhere, but then a few hours later he went over to his recliner and played with a couple of our kittens until he and the cats were asleep in the chair

one stretched out on it's back (all four paws extended) between the arm of the recliner and my dad's right leg and the other curled up in a ball on my dad's stomach

of course the one sure way to get on dad's nerves was to tell him that the cats were his grandkids. during his last few months, the perciocet made him moody and easily set off. it ould be funny at times, even he admitted, but we only laughed to shake away what we knew was going on, that he was becoming less and less himself.
eklektic dec.2 - couch. percocet. blowing lines off the coffee table. 041203
mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm 041203
jane percocet powder
up my nose
one night

it never did anything
to me
Violet Strangt percocet powdered glory
walking into after bar crazy car traffic stoned and nearly getting hit.
a beautiful haze that i hope to never see again but still salivate at the notion.
what's it to you?
who go