kt I want to go to the park tomorrow and drink pale golden wine and feel lovely and lost. I want my day to be shimmering and opalescent and delicate as a bubble floating through the warm air with no need for farewells. 000405
like rain. so we'll sit, and we'll talk. and all of my hope will be pushed into my hands, which will be holding yours, trying to will them to not pull away.

if we can hold on...
LessonsFromAngels I've always liked the photography in parks best. Somehow, it brings the world together. You have a perfect balance of the natural world and the human's world without it seeming awkward. Maybe it's that I like to capture beauty with my camera. Parks are excruciatingly beautiful and tease all the senses: the smell and way the mowed grass feels under your feet, the sounds of children playing on the baseball diamond, the taste of the barbeque your father cooked, the sight of the sun as it sets and ends your reunion with the world. For when two such opposite things can come together to create such a wonderful setting as in a park, that is the true world. A world where everything can be one.

Maybe I enjoy park photography so much, simply because it is what has always been available to me. Perhaps it is an acquired taste.
emmi we used to go running together and then silently lie in the grass.

i now live right by the same park.
what's it to you?
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