birdmad "there is no such perfect beauty that hath not some strangeness to it"

-- sir francis bacon
Rachel In this one perfect moment
Everything could go right
Just make the right move...
Select you action.

In this one perfect moment
Everything could go wrong
Just the slightest misstep...
Choose your poison.

I can see the myriad of possibilities
Stretching out before me
Endless roads of delight...and failure.
I take a deep breath.

Make your choice.
unhinged maybe that day in front of my dorm, just looking in your eyes and grabbing your hand when you told me you felt like you wanted to die was it.

or looking at you for the first time through the big oval window in the front door of the house i lived in at the time was it.

or when i finally got there after my last flight being delayed and delayed and delayed and i gave you a huge hug as you put my suitcase in the trunk and then as we were driving away you turned to him and said 'dude get the blunt out for my sister'....maybe that was it.

or maybe, maximum_skiteage standing and gazing and picking out beer in the grocery store, or linked arm in arm down the middle of the street walking to the show.
f the question is did you apprieciate it at the time?


of course you didn't.
unhinged actually, i'm pretty sure i did appreciate being able to hold on to the people that cared about me, especially when thousands of miles of travel were involved. 090424
ambermoon you opened your eyes 090425
what's it to you?
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