Alexander Beetle Words joined by underscore, but never blathered, waiting. 011028
Alexander Beetle Nobody'd blathered this word until NOW?! Jeez! 011028
Sonya Souls trapped in clean cut cubicles,
convinced that they have it made.
Getting their 401k plans in order,
unaware of what is being paid.
They come home to their condos,
and lay down on their beds.
They embrace a false purpose,
that was forced into their heads.
So day in and day out they continue,
convinced that they have it made.
They try to feel some self worth,
unaware of what is being paid.
Love is traded for a few bucks,
A few fucks, but nothing real.
When these souls are neglected,
They lose their ability to feel.
unhinged i just wanted a hug 020504
farmfish i be givin' you one right now. 020504
unhinged i like your edition to the journey book fishie :)

thanks for the hugs guys...i feel it but i really wish they were real.
Syrope taking_turns 060501
no reason i'm not sure if i would've wanted to come, but it would've been nice to have been invited 080802
FUCK OFF why don't you go back to living in your caravan where you both belong?

you are very transparent, i could see that from the beginning. Maybe try going in for acting, a film like misery or something would suit you both perfectly seeing as you are so good at this acting nice shit.

no point in locking people like you up is there, you are not worth our tax money are you. Go fuck someone else up and keep living a lie, you might get happy one day.
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