vega The glory of the reward was all consuming. She lost herself in the structure of her art and yielded to an arbitrary medium. And surprisingly, it meant absolutely nothing. 000222
calliope blahblahblah
school is mediocre
i'm sick of gray
it's all i see,no more color anymore
i'm starting to get worried
not for "Depression" with a capitol dee said in an authoritative tone
im worried for me
no more color
it's a thick skin which i'm trying to break but i can't, streching against it.
MollyGoLightly Running in circles, eating nothing but apples and lettuce, lengthening in the mirror. Reading Cosmopolitan magazine, crumpling the edges with tight grip and overuse. 000329
Daniel mediocre is a word that is often misused and misplaced on people who are not mediocre but are simply doing their own thing...their own beautiful thing...why can't we realize that.
I wish i was schizophrenic.
dean-bean I am fiercly determined not to be mediocre. I am going to do splendid things, and people are going to think splendid things about me, even long after I'm gone. 000329
misty I'm not sure if this life means anything to you, but to me it's just an iverted whirlwind of drab, dull gray. 000330
Tink something that hak is NOT, no matter what sort of response he gets regarding his latest project. he's short and he's a smartass. but he's NOT mediocre. 000419
... exactly, my shrink tells me i have to accustom myself to mediocrity. but i can't. i can't be my mediocre self i have to be my splendid self..... yup, that's what i'm telling her next tuesday. 020206
misstree hey, at least you tried.
we can pretend that counts for something.
stork daddy no. not trying and failing is much easier for most to swallow than trying and failing. only in the latter do we have to admit failure. 051007
misstree i tried to come up with a witty comeback for that
and failed
and wish i hadn't tried
because now i have intellect_envy.
shame on you.
what's it to you?
who go