User24 sitting for hours just watching the kbps rise and fall, anxious to get it as quickly as possible.

What a waste of time.
megan imesh anyday 030613
Rowbes I used to do that too. I have learned to begin downloading and then leave it alone. You can't want it too badly, because a watched pot never boils. 030614
rubydee soulseek is soooooo much better...
differently organized
and not a compendium of porn and pop
/anon i get everything from kazaa i can download anything that i dont want to go through the trouble of having imported. but since my modem blows i only download music. and there is obviously pop on kazaa bcuz its popular and there is more of it. but there is also just as much alternative stuff. and i agree there is way too much porn there. 030615
User24 if you ever download anything that says it needs a codec, I can tell you that


worked purfectly for me, it installs about 10 of the buggers

if the site is down, try


but that won't be up much.
typo erm, that's

minnesota_chris They're using kazaa to bust people now... not only is the RIAA busting people for having mp3's, but they're going after kiddie porn owners now too. I know, boo hoo, poor porno fiends, but still. I don't like Ashcroft having access to my computer. Of course, maybe he should have a listen to Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the Key of Life," and They Might Be Giants' "Flood." 031117
misstree u24, you might have more info than i on this, but from what i understand they're trying to put it into law that there's software built into any new computers coming off the line that gives the government snoop priveliges... this law would also make modifying your computer to thwart it illegal... which would also, by "coincidence," make installing anything but winblows (eg linux) illegal... and all i can do is wave goodbye to hope for freethought... 031117
u24 yeah, stick with win2k at the latest - the future of commercial (by which I mean non-hobby) computing is bleak.

I'm not really into the scene any more, I occasionally check securityfocus.com and maybe zeropaid.com, but after what I saw on google.com/search?q=kazaalite (scroll to the bottom) - I gave up hope.
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jenny enny dots do you kazzoo? 040203
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