typhoid there is no jungle but what is thought 000205
Oz ajar, socks, discs, clowns, lady, poopy 000610
Oz The sock is ajar ~ Aluminum clowns are scary!!! "k well it is jungly in here "k 000610
grendel a good topless bar a mile or so from my office

a girl i used to know in high school danced there for a while after it first opened

imagine my surprise
moonshine I m convinced my manager is an oversized penguin in disguise, and her husband, hes a walrus. 000611
sannyasi The penguin's brain is much smaller than the human brain. If we scale the penguin to the size of a human, its brain is still smaller. But, and this is the point, it's LARGER THAT IT WAS. 000612
moonshine Nothing like letting some good jungle and trance seep into your pores every now then 000617
amber The Jungle is my home. The beats take me to the place that recharges my spirit. Naturally and completely. JUNGLE brings the maddness and the energy to every spirit it touches 000810
Fire&Roses They say Amazons live in the jungles. They are fierce hunters and fighters. They say that the Amazons keep men only as slaves and for procreation. They say all Amazon pleasure is derived from violence. I tell my friends this and they have only one question, "Who are they?" 010918
::elephant trumpets::

jungle_green, like the Crayola crayon.

heh, those new colors were ghetto
nemo my favorite kind of music 011128
Laura I've heard jungles are sweltering. I do not like to swelter.

What does swelter mean exactly?
no logic to feeling
all the things that could remain us from earth!
god sole, sole a loan and by myself that i can go to think of nothing but in particular... 030613
freezerkitty It's sweltering in these headphones. 050828
n o m i remember the jungle was so loud at night 120624
unhinged crawling with plants and insects i don't recognize
i am far from the origin of my birth
the view from my window startling and inspiring

what's it to you?
who go