lizardqueen It's beautiful and sickening at the same time.."Come here boy...let daddy tie your shoes before you trip."

I hear complaints all the time from people who say their fathers are too strict. I crave that strictness.

Once when I was about four I remember getting lost in a department store. A nice, handsome man asked me why I was crying. When I told him I couldn't find my mother, he picked me up in his big firm arms and asked me if i could see her from that height. I looked down into his careful and gentle eyes. I had seen her plain as day by the Jewelry case, unaware of my absence. "No I cant see her", I had lied. I thought maybe wed spend the day together, after all why waste time looking for my mother when we had eachother. I clung to his arm, he was asking me questions...i think he asked what my moms name was and my age...but i was too busy pretending he was my dad. I was proud to walk through the store with him as i grasped around his tears had turned to a grin. Only until he approached a stroller and a woman with long red hair. I remember him calling her honey. He explained that I had gotten lost while he caressed the hair of the kid in the stroller. I figured out it must be his and ran like hell to the jewelry case in tears. I dont let people pick me up anymore.
TalviFatin I run the jewelry counter/department in K-mart. 011115
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