stork daddy i'd like to help you with your claim, but it says here you were on a road. it clearly states in our insurance policy that we only cover streets. were on 280 you say? well that is a freeway which we don't cover and not a highway which we do. Actually, although it isn't in our tv commercials, one of our slogans is if it's a freeway we don't pay. i hope i helped you out. oh...this will raise your premium by the way. i hope we can continue to protect you well in the future.
Armchair Lottery You just can't compete! 100709
someolm they don't give a fuck about you. they want their money 101016
Risen There was a time when I swore that if she ever left him, I'd insist that she spend a few months single before I'd consider dating her.

Initially it was a whole "find out who you are alone before being with anyone else" thing. But honestly, she wasn't built to be alone. She couldn't stand it. She is the most dependent person I know. In all the wrong ways.

It was, I suppose, also about insurance for me. In case her leaving was temporary. Another one of her infamous phases. So I didn't get too drawn in before she turned around and left again.

Over time, that aspect grew and grew. A few days ago she said she wouldn't want any transition period, she'd want us to be together right away, and I realised something momentous. I wasn't okay with the idea. Because I'd lost something, somewhere along the way, and it was never coming back again.

It isn't about insurance. The policy has lapsed.
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