oneiros_blue they have only earned nothing less than dissatisfaction 061002
from the beyond........ my expectations have been dashed in each preceding age, and the age which approaches inspires little renewal of confidence in their ability to self-actualize 061002
Christ without the cross Yeah. it doesn't seem like we are going anywhere. Yeah. I think we have chosen this for ourselves. I think that what we have chosen is bad for us. But I also know that on some level we want these things. Whether it be that we are afraid what it would be like if we don't have them or we are afraid that no one will love us if we were to truly do what we want with life. i don't think we do what we wanr with life. I don't think that we live freely or fully. i think we are afraid, to self actualize, to be happy. I think we are afraid that once we are there, no one will care for us. No one will understand. They will all envy. They won't be happy as well. they will turn away. You will be alone. Might as well stay down here with the rest of them, scraping through life pretending that they are happy. I think the reason that we don't change is because we are living our lives for other people.

Im sorry. maybe that's just me.
Lemon_Soda I think I don't have any right to judge anyone, let alone the whole world. I think I've lived to short a life, and in only one place at that, to ever think I know whats best for the rest of humanity. I think I would consider myself selfish if I chose to blame everyone. Rather, I think I do what I can until my time is up, and thats all anyone can do.

What we have is a world full of humans. Scared, happy, sad, mad, abused, used, helpful, beautiful humans. No more, no less. I am one of them.
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