Photophobe harbour 020418
endless desire And when the stench of this death is suffocating
And the pain growing in the middle is unbearable
And turning to you is growing more and more lethal
Thatís when it comes time to stop
This madness that I've been using as a harbor
For my boat. Itís traveled the rockiest of waters
And places I dare not wish to speak
And I thought this would be a safe harbor
To fix the holes and mend the leaks.
But oh, how wrong I was
For when I sought peace
I found turmoil and a darkness I became far too
Accustomed to loving and needing
Searching to find. Kind to the mind
I only longed to shine and for you to be proud
And for me to love myself. Just once to love myself.

But now I realize how the harbor brought me down.
And how it robbed me of so much
I treasured. When I trusted, as one often does
To harbors that appear so calm and safe
And "fitting" to your boat, it came as a thief
Disguised as a stronghold it could never be.
The hint is that I stepped back, just for second.
I saw my boat from the perspective of the stars.
They informed me of the sinking fate I had awaiting.
Now I wish to turn back to where I traveled from
Even the rockiest of seas is better than a dock built by lies
And while my anchor is heavy
And, there is no one to row its oars
Since my faithful crew has long since gone overboard,
Enduring is not a word new to a sailorís vocabulary
Peace never forms in complacency
Hope is never conjured in denial
But the breeze I need to fill my sails
Blows from love, and nowhere else.
And though, where love
Comes from remains a mystery, it still exists
Bringing forth the desired peace, hope
And even a faithful new harbor
In which to rest my boat.
wax tadpole let's mine it 030527
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endless desire oooh
sounds good.
yeah, mine away.
Dafremen This was really touching. Reminds me of the valley in i_freefall_me . 030623
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