dallas things just do. there's no reason to worry about it or do anything to stop it. You can try, but you'll fail in the end. It's best just to try to forget. 981125
emma something is always happening. really. open your eyes. 981125
sillyelly events don't ask for your permission. it is out of your hands and there is nothing you can do but try to accept things as they now are. 990505
Inanna What if it did not really happen?
You thought about it so much that it actually did happen.
If anyone asks, nothing happened.
You know happenings are sometimes self created events. Other times, situations reveal themselves in strange ways.
ClairE "contenment comes from within. happiness needs something external to "happ-" en."

I love Adam S.
TheRedDragon I'm sick of these fucking merry-go-rounds with nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Yeah, I'm mean and evil. Fuck a duck
you suck
go to church
with Lurch
while you dine
with fat and greasy swine
Hey man, go fuck you best friend's wife in their bed.
Typical Calif...
x twisted x shit happens. deal with it.
dry your eyes and live your life. stop living in a fucking pity party.

yea. i have to do that too.
nighean_siofra something's bound to happen...


soon i hope.


why isn't anything happening?
one of many Happen: Luck. Chance. Fate.
Perhaps it will be. Maybe it will happen. It may happen to be. Mayhap. . . but such archaisms are not for the masses, are they? Who really cares what it used to mean? I do. I think the meaning is still there, if we allow ourselves to see it.
what's it to you?
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