rollins have you ever passed a grave yard and felt like a fool for still being alive?
As if all those stiffs who had the good sense to get off the ego trip and die for real have some kind of advantage over you because they got it over with?
They're dead. You're on your way. But first, the seemingly endless rites of passage. Test after test. weld your hand to your morals to keep them attached to you. Its like trying to hold on to a burning eel. They died of everything.
johnny west Whenever we would drive past a graveyard, my sisters would always hold their breath. Apparently, you would inhale the ghosts of the dead people if you kept breathing. It always made me laugh, seeing in their faces that they really believed it. Once, we encountered a graveyard too long and Erin had to take a breath. The look of horror/amusement on her face was hilarious. 010513
Rael One cloud I love graveyards!!! they don't scare me at all. I think they are peaceful, & full of neat statuary. I've been to dozens of them. I dream of cemetaries too. Really elaborate ones, like Midian in that Clive Barker film.
I went to a cemetary to-day. Oconee cemetary... supposedly Ricky Wilson of the b-52s is buried there, but we didn't bother with the more recent section.
reitoei nothing more than memories. there's nothing there under all tombstones and flowers. just peoples memories. we should lose attachments and forget those who are dead 020210
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