nameless trust in your tined fork
i dont think so
its just you courtier
looking through your window
cant avade your laughter darts
worthless protect the dying
like caffein free
in a dark morning
typhoid it 000217
filia is a plastic fork a real fork? i says to my friends, is a plastic fork a real fork, and they say, no, its plastic, real forks are supposed to be stainless steel or silver or something. so i says but yeah, of course a plastic fork is real. i mean, its real, right? its solid matter, right? and its a fork right? the pointy things and everything? so its a real fork. of course. so they say girl, you need to get a life, and i laugh. 000907
jen*ever the silver fork. i can see it from here. fork you? fork off? he touched it. he really did. and it changed me forever 010206
mmm i got stabbed with one in the face today. damn you amy!!!! 010402
carden why a fork? wouldn't it be more practical to have a spork? forks are over-rated..go back to simpler chopsticks 010402
johnny west My youngest sister Krysta knows how to use one of these.

One night at the dinner table, Stepfather John told her to stop playing with her food and start eating it. So she stabbed him in the hand with her fork and screamed, "I don't like you!"

Stepfather John was shocked to such an extent that his screaming power flew out of the top of his head. All he could get out was a strangulated "Krysta!"

She stabbed him a few more times and then resumed playing with her food. I think she was five at the time.
TK we were @ a resale shop and out of nowhere he pulls out a wooden fork almost as tall az me and says w/ a devlish smirk "I'm going to fork you"


Guess you just had to be their
sugar most of the time
i prefer the fork
to the spoon

only because i find it more useful.
what's it to you?
who go