daxle At one time it was a very serious song, we'd crank it up in the car and sing every verse vehemently. Then one day it became funny, just like running out of puffs wasn't the worst thing in the life anymore. And tonight, for some reason, it's serious again. "scratches all over my arm" seems as serious as the pain throbbing from my own arm. Though I bet if she were here she could still make me laugh about the cat fight explanation.
one for each day I since I fell apart
Brad the source of "footprints," also a great wayne shorter tune in 6/8... 000309
silentbob what is this song and who is its singer? 000618
god wayne shorter, herbie hancock, ray brown, tony williams, miles davis 010129
ewwww pearl jam 010130
angie up above me...
creaks in the ceiling...
creaks in the floor...
will he come home soon?
will we get caught?
are they awake?
roz i hate my footsteps
they remind me of my presence
remind me i am too much
too heavy
too loud
i want to slowly disappear
til i am so thin
that you can't hear me
and i won't bother you
or feel guilty
and maybe i'll forgive myself then
Forming Mind Reitterate that I'm not alone.
Redefine that there's someone there.

Reconstruct the point that they still are walking but not stationary.
Reallow the fact that they are rather far than near to bend.
Kiss my forehead and let me stare.
what's it to you?
who go