Emptyness_Alive First Kiss?
First Date?
First Time?
First love?
Do you remember yours?
Have you forgotten that time?
Have you forgotten the nervousness?
The light airy feeling
The beating of your heart
Do you remember?
Remember for lest you forget.
Emptyness_alive I wonder what we do remember? 070902
fuffle i remember almost everything i want to remember, the significant things.

Memories are much to do with feelings and sences the reason why i am crap at exams, i don't really remember dates in history or i dunno, how to say "will you sleep with me tonight", probably because it wasn't in a song!

you know what i am saying, to remember things, they have to mean something to you, i'm not a none emotional data bank !
mark me for it !

i only forget important dates because i am stressed or confused, i don't work well under presure and a ticking clock.

i am better at writting when i have less patience to paint, however i am better at looking at pictures when i have little patience to read... i still have to work out the reason for that.
E.T. pufter ! - yeah, my brother told me !
have you got a problem talking in french or somik?
hairdresser !

i didn't know it was nauty to say that, my brother taught me it, and anyway why didn't he teach me more history stuff, i don't know nothing, i just copy and pick up things, you know as you do.

p.s. i'm not homophobic, my brother is, but i am not, why should i care who you want to wing with.
what's it to you?
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