gull 3am and you're not there.
i only just remembered.
how silly of me to forget.
it's funny how i could set my alarm
for some bizarre hour
and jump out of bed to meet you.
now i can't even get up at 11am
and today i even considered
cancelling a dental appointment
because it didn't seem worth
getting out of bed for.
it's funny how things change.
its funny how ones priorities change.
maybe mine are still changing.
changing all the time, thats me.
im an ever-changing contradiction.
blown cherry "If you don't have to be consistent I don't see why I should have to be"

It's 3am, and icq says you're online,
but not there.
But you never really were.
Not for very long at least.
Little flashes of close moments,
brief moments of intimacy I will relive in my mind for the rest of my life.
But you would never be there for me, you would never care to be.

I don't think I want to write about this anymore.....
gull friendship comes easier to me online.
i've always battled with the concept,
but, when online, i think i get it.
you don't have that close-up awkwardness.
you can sigh and know that your sigh will never be heard.
people don't snap quite so much,
so you don't get bitten quite so hard.
your face doesnt give the game away,
because you simply dont have a face.

i'm not saying they're easy,
but they seem to be easier.
they certainly are for me.

but maybe its just me.
maybe i'm better as a_faceless_personality_in_cyber-space
tourist Intimacy Through Separation


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gull ok, so it's 'cyberspace', not 'cyber-space'.


great. even blather is fucking with me tonight.
kerry what happened to that?? 020516
IWishICouldGoWithDavid I read the title and though, "Wow, a whole blather link dedicated to you!" Almost, anyway. 021212
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