andru235 eucalyptus! eucalyptus!
smell of smells!
scent of scents!
i love eucalyptus! perhaps i am a koala!

perhaps i am not a koala!
you might never find out,
not even if you ask
me in person,
with a friendly voice!

but one thing i can tell you
is that eucalyptus
is fresh and scenty!
let it waft about thine superness excellence wonderfulness yay!
jane the smell of it filled the air that afternoon. we were both hungover, me from my fake 21st, and the jukebox that i'm sure thirty or so of my dollars went into. "this is so nice..." he kept repeating... but it only made me feel more guilty.

on the drive back, i stuck my hand out the window to feel the air & pretend it was water in a swimming pool. he turned left down an old lane. the trees arched overhead as the sky opened up behind them. the afternoon sun shone off the riverbed & warmed the docks. he parked just after the railroad tracks & we walked down the path together.
i tested out the old dock. "be careful on there," he told me. i told him i was walking on one of the support beams. this meant nothing except that if the rest fell through i would have two inches or so on which to balance. he found a crawdad claw, & then we looked up the hill at the pile of junk.
"is that a fucking disco ball?" he said.
i walked back up the path to the top of the hill, & he climbed right up through the thorns. it was a fucking disco ball. it was also a leather recliner in good shape. we both sat in it & looked out at the water.
"this is the cap on the bottle," he thought.
"those are eucalyptus," i said.
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