punkin sage 980905
charley a way to get sage pissed even though its more about the thinking that he could even get pissed then being dreamy. that's not fun. where's the love? 980907
angelea for the record. eric submitted the punkin, not me. :) 980917
heidi brian littrel of the backstreet boys is dreamy, and he used to have a hole in his heart. but now it's all better. 990517
Aimee I've never in my life seen something I could describe as "dreamy" perhaps that doesn't really exist. 010813
nah....! i love when he gets all dreamy on me. 011129
ClairE sounds like creamy. 011129
whoknows lol! you 2 are funny when you blathes are one after the other.
amy you're like a washed out photograph
you're like an ice cream cone
you're like spinning in the sunlight and losing site of now
you're like the best of yesterday with a promise of tomorrow
you're like my twisted heart, slowly unraveling.
you're like the rain's sweet scent
you're like a dream.
isabella dreamy, thats how i feel right now.
dreamy, all i do is daze, looking at the midnight sky.
dreamy, your eyes are dreamy, they look soft and innocent.
dreamy....what does it mean?
dream...oh yes....thats what i do.
dream. i dream a dreamy dream at night, i dream about you.
Syrope i can still feel your hands on my ribs and underneath my breasts

who cares about analog to digital converters on a day like this?
Maple Tree i dream about you all the time. i had no idea what it meant, till it hit me...and ever since i have this dreamy look... 060219
johnny thunder i'm dreamy 070117
------E Predestined vices usually are. 070801
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