puredream You've all got diamond eyes.
And you're killing me with them.
One silent stare at a time.
Making me bleed.
One drop at a time.

JdAwG If I have ever hurt you with a stare, then I apologize. 040628
. in their brilliance
sometimes we forget
diamonds are stones
with sharp edges
lacunas coil you're diamond eyes cut away the layers of emotions that i use to hide behind until i think that it is safe to come out and play again, though it is never safe anymore.

you're stare strips me of all pretenses and makes me stutter even the most praticed words. when i open my mouth even my name becomes hard to speak.

i melt away and nothing remains, you have destroyed me and left my ashes to smolder in the sand. your eyes drilled through even my hard shell and let my life and love spill to the ground.

please, close your eyes, so i can leave.
Borealis jesse...I could have sworn i was the one who said that... 040826
cat power and cold as coal
when you're ending with diamond eyes

you have seen some unbelievable things...
sab eyes burning
as those traitorous tears
told you jsut how much these words meant.
and she rubbers her fingers over her arms
as she sang
as she sang
as she sang
about her liquid_diamonds
and i rememebered how warm
the salt water ran
as it poured forth
as my voice cracked and broke
as this thing bigger than me
came out
emmi diamond_tears 050520
what's it to you?
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