jane great crayon 030716
substitute for string when_we_were_crayons 030718
ferret yeah, i used to be a crayon 030718
pipedream beautiful blue- the bosphorus is cerulean. 030719
nomatter me and kelly picked through all the blues and found our favorite. we colored purty pictures to make up for when she got hit in the head. we colored nearly everything cerulean wether it was appropriate or not. 031004
oE goooood color

remember that X-files episode?
Psio Mjoado with the truck? 041122
u24 that episode freaked me out. every time I see this word, I just get a cool calm voice in my head saying "cerulean blue".

*shudders when he remembers the man burning himself*
unhinged blues are my new favorite 090402
In_Bloom Pebbles of sea glass I used to collect along the beaches when walking the dog or hand in hand with my love. No matter how small the pieces, I gathered them in little caches around the apartment, wondering all the places they'd been in order to be so smoothed and worn yet, beautiful. 090402
u24 I no longer remember the man burning himself. Well not at all at first, and now a vague memory of someone being telepathically forced to burn themselves with a cigarette lighter but the more I think about it the less I'm sure that is the memory I was looking for.

All I know for sure is that 11 years ago I must have remembered it.

I suppose as lost_memories go, a random part of a random X files episode ain't so bad to lose.

Still a little disturbing to see clear evidence of my own mental degradation.
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