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u24 "Ok, it's fixed now. Some of the pages are blank and will have to be regenerated... posting something to them will do that. I was in a car driving from SF to Denver for a couple of days. All the luck!"


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u24 I think the missing pages are currently being regenerated; I was just looking through the directory listings and they sprang into life before my very eyes; entries that said they were 0k, when clicked, had content. a refresh of the dir list showed the same files with the right sizes. So I guess a script is running to regenerate them.

in other words, don't panic.

You can watch the regen in progress by going to /b/ - scroll down to blurring the edges, which it's currently (as I blathe) regen-ing.

If they all have sizes in k next to them by the time you check, move down the alphabet until you find some '0k' files, find the border between files with sizes and files without, and then refresh the list to watch the script regenerate the 0k files. If you're that sad, that is.
u24 earliest modified date is 11-Jun-2008 06:49

latest is 11-Jun-2008 18:12

so it looks like whatever happened, happened before 06.49 on Jun 11th, and then the database rebuild script which runs... every now and then?... went through and dutifully modified all the files, which took about 12 hours.

which means that you can expect blather to be regenerating the blank pages for about another 10 hours from when I post this (17:11 EST, 22:11 BST (GMT+1))

if anyone's around at about 05:00 EST tomorrow, let me know if zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz is still blank :D
u24 correction: about another 12 hours. My "earliest" time was midway through /b/, the script must have already munched through 0-9 and A

interestingly, 13-Jun-2008 12:06 is the earliest recent time in /0/ (00) so it took 2 hours to get from 0 to nearly the end of b.
If you assumed that each directory wsa roughly the same size, you'd conclude that it will finish much faster than the 10-12 hours I predict. But the reason it was so fast getting to /b/ is that there are far fewer numerical blathes - it will take longer to do each letter.

it's on 'c' now.
( it's all done ) 080615
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