DannyH Can anyone think of any entertaining ways for an English gentleman to get himself in trouble in LA. I've got two weeks at the end of March.

All contributions gratefully received...
ever dumbening (no really i LOVE it) -buy several cars
-work out constantly
-obsess about your looks and material posessions
-pose at the beach (beach volleyball works well)
-be "connected"

follow these simple steps, DannyH, and you'll fit right in and have the time of your life
farmfish go to a schmancy dinna at spago in beverly hills (you'll be sure to catch a celeb), be clubbin' at johnny depp's
viper room and whiskey's on sunset strip, shop anywhere in santa monica, visit thee getty museum, get a fish taco at neptune's net in malibu, watch thee surfas at zuma...and if you be up for some travelin' head north on 1o1 to santa barbara, it be paradise. it be.
DannyH Many thanks. Any more tips? 020309
frAnk the tourist traps are fun, like universal studios, disneyland, and seeing a taping of jay leno. go to venice beach, it's a total carnal-val. definately drive along highway 1 and stop at gladstones 4 fish. they have tables right next to the ocean.

but like dennis said, by all means try to drive north. we lived in ventura for several years and always hung out in santa barbara. it's only an hour from LA. it's like a little cannes. the american riviera. rincon is one of the world's best surf breaks.
white_wave Highway LOL. that's funny it's supposed to be Highway 101.

can't tell you too much about L.A. as I try to avoid it most of the time. Too many damn humans. Too many great places to shop and throw your money away.

I would advise any tourist to stick to L.A's coastal communities. At least the fresh sea air will compensate for the smog that is deteriating your lungs.
Adriana Buy a Star Map (people sell them on the street, and you can find them in every tourist shop) and drive around hunting celebrities at their homes. 040314
person purple skintight speedo, venice beach.

all you californians know what i'm talking about. mwahahaha. =P
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