moonshine Best gift i ever recieved was a glass of water. 000626
thieums People offering gifts always expect to get something back, one way or another...
So the best_gift is one offered without reason or expectations.
The only way to get such a gift is to make one, offer it to a random person in the street, and run away as fast as you can, to get out of that person's life you just entered into.
And it is important, while doing this, not to hope anything -- not even that some day, you will be the one receiving the gift.
Therefore, the best_gift is something you can give, but never get.
Life is often like that...
ff the best gift is a sentimental one.

he knows that !
Ouroboros 070323
Amazing talent hello,

Dear Syd Mead,

my bestfriend Morgie, her mummy used to live in your house.. the Frank Lloyd Wright house.

you gave her a book and she gave it to me !
now i am holding it in my hands.

thats what i wanted to do but i couldn't draw well enough... i also liked Ken Adams.. amazing drawings.... i saw them in the snake gallery.. (hyde park)

that was only a dream to do something like that.

Respect .
unhinged you finally convinced me
that i'm worth
nothing less than
sincere adoration
truths timely spoken
gentle respect
that it's time
to get rid of
my standing_sabotage
once and for all
ever dumbening dana 070324
stork daddy truths timely spoken! how lyrical. 070325
! mmeerr...
i'm a baby !

m errrrr...
howz it goin' Jimmy !
huh !! oh why don't you go and play golf with Tigar Wood or somik... stop pestering me !

christ almighty...

yes yes i'll find a selfish house mate that doesn't clean their dishes or give a shit about me .. i will look forward to it.

i'm not a fool you know.
what's it to you?
who go