freakizh a jorge luis borges story / collection of short stories.

basically, he says that in the universe there is this point, the aleph, in which you can live, see, feel and be everything in space/time dimensions.

you see all, you live all.
being omniscient/omnipotent.

try reading it in april the 30th.
that's a fucking weird experience.
the time-spun ascetic The Dragon in John Gardner's "Grendel" saw the world this way.

Scary notion, omniscience would make a compelling argument toward predestination at the same time raising the question of whether foreknowledge of a thing makes it an absolute or merely mutable possibiliy

the circularity of the arguments maddening in their way

ouroboros devouring his own tail in unceasing pursuit
god retarded spastic assaults on dog food work nearly as well. 020913
st_louis_ordinals remember:

someone who studies large cardinals
is not an ornithologist
All the letters of the alef bet asked G-d if they could be used in the creation.

Finally He gave the honor to Beth which begins Bereshit.

But to Aleph he gave a higher place of honor because Aleph did not ask like the other letters had asked.
flowerock alef bet was the name of the book i had as a child. learning the hebrew characters. I have forgotten them now.

hershel and the hannukah goblins was another jewish book i had.

from my mom's family. i jut never quite adopted any religion.
z I, too, thought of gardener's dragon from grendel, and then, behold, birdmad (i think) referenced him. it's good to see older blathes dug up. i miss those times. thanks flower. 140821
flowerock I like to stroll through blather history via three words and go. ; ) 140821
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