me? a zed and two noughts.
from the ooz we go and back to the ooz we come.
come ooz and we will want our own three wishes.
all words are one
no words are the same
everything the same must be different.
Rainer see: earth
We are living in the Zoo of the Galaxy, and all Marsians come around to see us stare at us laugh at us buy our icecream for their children.
amy into the loo
the animals role in two by two
we gather for food,
then scatter out of animal fears of each other.
zeegirl But if I weren't blathering, I would certainly chooze a zoo to brood. 010608
sickgirl zoo inside my head

zoo i take care

zoo me
Inanna You just won a free trip! The zoo is inside you in your atoms and cells. Zzzz 010928
magdalena (to the tune of row row row your boat)

fuck fuck fuck a duck
screw a kangeroo
fingerbang an orangitang
an orgy at the zoo...
tentative strange to try to think of something in the world that is not a zoo
we've been over charged to watch so many species wandering aimlessly
we refuse to feed the mangy looking ones, yet we can't resist when they'll give us a show or take us for a ride
feed the animals
break out of the cage and trample anyone with a fanny pack
Dodgeball Karen likes a monkey
monkey monkey do;
I say you say in the zoo.

There. Leave it at that.
Perfectly formed.
bettyisntme .. and he's never been to the zoo. 050721
starjewel the giraffes are insincere 140517
epitome of incomprehensibility Giraffes seem supercilious. (Hm. So that's how the word's spelled. I always thought is was supercilicious. Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious! Why not.) When I was last at a zoo I liked seeing the elephants, though probably they shouldn't be put in zoos at all. Too small a habitat. 140517
what's it to you?
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