tenderlumpling@hotmail.com jennifer died tonight, after talking with mark, and telling him how much she loved him, and that she would die for him.

He loves her, and he always did, even back when he was big and loud and had gold on the front of his hair, he loved her. She was the only woman he could love, because he saw so much of himself in her. He has a miserable existence, and he lives with that everyday. But it will make him a stronger and better person in the long run, and he knows it.

jennifer didn't die of her own hand. It was merely fate, and a body can only last so long under stress. But we survive, to carry out her duties in formal fashion. We survive to be the mother ( g ) and the friend and the worker and the lover. We survive to be her voice. We survive because she could not.

Her stay was brief but brilliant, and she left many a seed in her wake. Those shall bloom and bare a constant reminder to those she left behind. A reminder that one should rejoice in death, not in life. She can be with whomever she chooses now, and no longer has to fear the empty future ahead. She is better off.

But one must always remember...

We survive

~~the void
~~never be his
Scorshie We live
In a beautiful world
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We live
In a beautiful world
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