psyki despair.
no, not despair.
green sludge. slime. herpes.
some things never change.
some people never think.
life as a phone call.
no, not despair.
Equin0x You can wallow in self-pity, but you can't wallow in anger.
I conclude that they have different textures.
moonshine Willow Wallow
Sip Slip and Swallow
MollyGoLightly "Two tears in a bucket
Motherfuck it."

---Lady Chablis
Vanisher Only the weak and foolish wallow and brood upon thing that they can't change 000525
Arnold Zeffel Oh! to Wallow!
In the cool slipery ooze
On a Hot Summer day
Naked and Knowing
Loving the sensation
Of the Slime's smoothe caress
Along the length of my body
In the deep folds and hollows
Of my most private self
Call me a Pig
Just don't call me Pork Chop
chanaka hang on a sec....lemme go wash off all the slime from my self-wallowing... 001206
sitting here like uninvited company in my own obscenity

sitting here
like wet ashes
with X's in my eyes

and drawing flies
barbiturate often synonymous with fun. that can't be a good thing, can it? 010922
the one crying over it all and nothing at all all at once. Wallowing in self pity "oh whoa is me....how will i ever survive."
Right now i realize im pretty pathetic sometimes, but not today. Today im gonna get what i want and forget about what i cant get.
Syrope wallowing in pity is wallowing in baby oil..wallowing in anger is wallowing in fire-ant infested peanut butter. 020324
notme this_feeling is heavy 040605
gritemordle is being in a warm blanket
protected against cold morning's reality
three words wasting_time_on_blather wallowing blood_and_chocolate 051112
sab i just want this to end 061230
pete instead of wallowing this afternoon i went for a run in the snow. now that it's night time i just gotta keep busy and try not to feel. heh. its one of those things where i know i'm wearing myself down to nothing, but i can't stop it. 061230
does it ease the pain? yeah baby. wallowing in this deepest pit of self loathing and indulgent depression. and loving it. 100519
Jen I am in the deepest pit of despair and am reveling in the fact it is making me physically sick. I will be hospitalized and you will know it was all for you. 101130
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