:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: This all can be
for you to see
an accident?
or destiny

this all can be
for you to hear.
hush your mind
for loud and clear.

This all can be
for you to know
which way next
the wind will blow.

This all can be
for you to touch
and feel the love
you need so much

This all can be
so you could tell
how high the height
from which we fell.

This all can be
for you to guess
the meaning of this
game of chess.

This all can be
a big mistake
but how much risk
in that you'll take?

This all can be
an experiment
our souls just chips
so place your bet.

This all can be
a chance for all
to live and love
and have a ball.

This all can be
your last big test
to realize just
why you exist.
daxle fried chicken, wrapped up very simply 010807
Dafremen Rerun from: MEET_ROGER_DAFREMEN

Into The River(of Life)

Into the river

Wake up, jump in
And live again
With us, your kin
Without, within
We've always been

Right here in view
For us, for you
Begin anew
Believe, it's true
This place you knew

When you were we
When you were free
When you could see
That you could be
A part of me

And I of you
Back then you knew
But with a few
In time you grew
To form into

Our joy, our pride
Eyes open wide
But shut inside
A truth that lied
Then tried to hide

You in a cage
Up on a stage
Filled you with rage
To die, to age
Your heritage

Then back again
With us, your kin
To see again
Be free again
Jump in, jump in.
unhinged another proof of the given that life is used 011017
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