Syrope i miss the days of the crush. the innocent, getting to know someone, fluttery happiness, giggly eyelashes. i don't have time for crushes these days. now it's more of a quick-execute flow chart...say, a frenzied stomping around in circles rather than the teasing sensual dance of before...

***does he have a girlfriend?***
*yes - might be the end of the story, if he didn't sound too excited about admitting he had a girlfriend, then he's still in the running
*no - proceed
***which level does he get?***
1) i would have this guy's kids
2) relationship material
3) fuckbuddy
4) maybe a one night stand
5) fooling around
6) he's gotta be good for *something* - flirt
7) *yawn*

and what the guys don't realize about me is that if they take something and run with it, then they have a chance. be too shy, move too slowly, take up too much time with the mixed signals, it's over.

has love gone the way of the food industry? drive thru romance? mating dances vs speed dating? online personals pre-sorted?
misstree in my world,
all manner of meals are served.

but my kitchen is a mess right now,
and mc donald's makes my stomach hurt,
so i seek something satisfying and quick,
and usually end up starving.
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