ever dumbening a few thoughts--

first, in protest_complaint_compliment_encouragement is one of daf's most brilliant observations (010918).

second, by extension, kx21 is brilliant and dark, like star(s) and shit(s).

third, daf is part of the_string_between_shits_and_stars: observe: sh*t (star and shit U_nited).

fourth, kx21, you say, in "stars", "It is easier to create or generate shit(s) from STARs and it is more difficult to create or generate star(s) from SHITs..." but my thought is that they are in balance and flow naturally from one to the other. in other words, it is only our perception of the flow not the flow itself.

fifth, "I am made from the dust of the stars/And the oceans flow in my veins" star and shit U_nited to form me. as i grow, star(s) and shit(s) enter/exit me. as i decay, stars(s) and shit(s) exit/enter me.

sixth, you are wonder and i wonder.

seventh, there is likely a simple periodic function that defines the oscillation between shit(s) and star(s). we can nudge it, but it's always there: paralleling_changing_rains.

eighth, in the middle of writing this i had to stop to go out and look at the sun (star) beautify the cloud (shit). the cloud (now star, with water and energy) drops rain onto the earth (shit). the earth (now star, with water and energy and shit) grows things (shit). ad_infinitum and back.

ninth (beethoven's), *I* am the_string_between_shits_and_stars. it becomes more obvious every day.

tenth, thank you kx21.
kx21 Many Thanks on your


Please refer to M_theory for a proof (?)of "It is easier to create or generate shit(s) from STARs and it is more difficult to create or generate star(s) from SHITs..."...


You are so beautiful to me...

My shinning Star(s),
My twined Ivy ,
My blue sky,...
kx21 A M_answer:-

Please refer to

In_Search_of_Nothing for

a Poem from Shit...
phil reach for the stars and touch the sky 020515
Dafremen Kx,

I have written the Story_of_Unity and would like to share it with you.

kx21 Given that Each Star or Shit is an unique Universe...


Does the genuine Unity really exist in the real world?
stork daddy shits

and reversi.
kx21 Furthermore,

One's Star is other's Shit, and vice versa...
kx21 In reality, can the Star be really differentiated from Shit, clearly & scientifically:-

via which_is_worser_or_sinner or something else?
Dafremen Unity exists at one moment in time at one unique point in space. We can reinvent it in our hearts and minds, but it would require a great deal of de-programming. Our brains have gotten very attached to the concept of "I AM."

"WE ARE" just doesn't go over as well.
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unhinged non_attachment

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